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 Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct   Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:27 am


1] Have fun and help all others to have fun

2] Be ready to work together, to share, to be helpful to each other. Do not be the one who asks and never gives. Do not be selfish or greedy.

3] Respect and treat every member like you would like to be respected and treated yourself, and respect and treat all people like a fellow member.

4] No service can be sold or traded for another; everything is made by and for friendship.
No items sales or trades between members, except in the circumstances allowed by our rules.
Always return all the goods and money you have borrowed, even without being asked.

5] Try to help yourself first if you want to ask for help; nobody has to always make all your own work. If you ask for help, be patient and make things simple for the person who helps you; travel to this person each time it is possible to do so.

6] You are an image of the Academy; never do anything that could tarnish our image. Among other things, please no begging, and no unfair PvP ("ganking" in the original meaning of the word). Be fair to everyone.

7] Stay informed of the goings on in the guild by reading the message board several times a week

8] Keep the org chat channel clean of swearing, cussing, hard language, unpleasant or offending remarks, and absolutely of (Earth) politics. No racist, hatemongering, or xenophobic remarks can be tolerated.

9] Help people outside our organization if you can, but if you refuse or cannot, do it in a nice way and never be rude or unpleasant

10] No unfair looting or "ninja-looting" in teams will be accepted (see points 3 and 6)

11] Members are expected to be familiar with, and at all times abide by, the Anarchy Online EULA and it's associated articles
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Code Of Conduct
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